Kitty Kitty Decorated Pajamas


Cats are naturally curious.  They will get into anything that looks like it might be something fun to investigate and chase most anything that moves.  Chasing a mouse or fending off a ferocious dog are all in a days work. If you were a cat, you’d spend most of your day playing, roaming, and no doubt getting into a little trouble.    With all that running, it’s no wonder cats love to curl up for a good cat nap.  You’ll be sure to get a good night’s sleep when you wear these adorable and curiously comfortable Kitty Kitty pajamas.

Made with rayon from bamboo/cotton.  Available in a henley (collarless shirt)  and long  john set as featured above and a hooded henley night dress.  Both are available at

Kitty Kitty Decorated Pajamas.



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