Holiday Tree Lot Decorated Sleepwear and Robe

For many, the experience of searching for the right Christmas tree is a family tradition.  Is it tall enough or is it too tall?  Is it full or are there branches broken or too skimpy?  Everyone has a different opinion until finally all agree when they find the perfect tree.  This sleepwear represents the time shared in preparation for the season.  When we find the perfect tree, we lovingly cut the evergreen at the base and then fasten it onto the top of the car for its journey home.  The ride home is filled with a mix of excitement about what fun it’ll be decorating the tree and a bit of uneasy anticipation over setting up the tree, untangling lights, and preventing broken ornament mishaps.  It’s a ritual that instills the Christmas spirit and calls for all to enjoy a cup of hot chocolate while admiring their newly decorated tree.

Enjoy the Feeling: Holiday Tree Lot Decorated Sleepwear and Robe

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