Sleepwear & Pajamas & Tote Bag with Foxes Design

To be smarter than a fox you have to be a fox. The reason foxes are so smart is because they like to play games with each other. Those games sharpen their thinking skills. We know of one fox whose name is Harry. No relationship to Harry Houdini the magician. Although for all intents and purposes you might think that they were related if not spiritually.  Harry loved to play hide and seek with the other foxes.  But no matter how hard the other foxes tried, they could not find Harry.  Harry, the fox, was somewhat of a magician himself and knew how to perform a disappearing act. Sometimes he would hide under leaves and blend in with the leaves.  Sometimes he would cover himself with mud so that he would blend in with the ground.  Other times he would hide in a secret cave or under a tree trunk that no other fox knew about.  He was clever and smart.  Smart as a fox!

Now you can have fun like a fox by wearing this sleepwear:

Foxes Button-Up Nightshirt Button-Up Nightshirt

Foxes Classic PJ Set

Foxes LS Jersey Tee & Pant Set LS Jersey Tee & Pant Set

Foxes Quilted Tote Bag

Foxes Robe

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