Archive for December, 2010 – Smock – Pajamas – Wiener Dog Decorated

Many a joke has been made of the Dachshund and its resemblance to a hot dog, wiener dog or sausage dog. In fact, some folks took that joke to a new level by creating a “hot dog” costume for Halloween ….as if it isn’t humiliating enough to be referred to as a wiener!   But […]

Sleepwear – Smock – Pajamas – Lobster Decorated

Did you know that lobsters were once considered poor man’s food?  Back in the days when American settlers first arrived, lobsters were plentiful.  And they often weighed 40 pounds or more!  Lobsters may be a popular menu item today, but keeping them as a pet can be fun, too.  Of course, maintaining a saltwater tank […]

Rodeo Girls Like to Ride in Pajamas

Ride ‘em cowgirl with these rodeo inspired pajamas decorated with spurs, trophies, competition ribbons, bandanas, and a female rider atop a bull. These pajamas are ideal for those who love horses and rodeo competitions. Sleep well dreaming of that down on the range day or winning that 1st place prize. Made with poplin cotton, the […]

Sewing Notions Sleepwear

Ah, Needles and Pins Buttons and Hooks Scissors and Pincushions….. That is what this sleepwear is decorated with. Wearing one of these pajamas or nighties with its stripes of various sewing notions is sure to bring out the fashion designer in you! Please click here to get your own Notions Sleepwear

Chicken’s Fun with Poplin Pajamas n Nightwear

Who knew that chickens were so funny?  Chickens are often the subject of humorous jokes, funny T-shirts, and now sleepwear.    Our “chicken” ladies sleepwear is available in a gown, pajamas, and baby doll top with pants.  It’s fun to imagine what one chicken is saying to the other one.  Could they be having a debate […]