Kitty Kitty Decorated Pajamas


Cats are naturally curious.  They will get into anything that looks like it might be something fun to investigate and chase most anything that moves.  Chasing a mouse or fending off a ferocious dog are all in a days work. If you were a cat, you’d spend most of your day playing, roaming, and no doubt getting into a little trouble.    With all that running, it’s no wonder cats love to curl up for a good cat nap.  You’ll be sure to get a good night’s sleep when you wear these adorable and curiously comfortable Kitty Kitty pajamas.

Made with rayon from bamboo/cotton.  Available in a henley (collarless shirt)  and long  john set as featured above and a hooded henley night dress.  Both are available at

Kitty Kitty Decorated Pajamas.



Pencils Decorated Long John Set & Rib Henley

These Long Johns and Rib Henley are comfortable and unique printed decoration, pencils! Some how an ordinary object has become art. In addition the top of the long john set and the rib henley have a thumb hole that make it perfect layering under your clothing. Better yet wear it to lounge around.

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Pencils Decorated Long John Set & Rib Henley

Butterflies Sleepwear – Cotton Poplin – Pajamas & Nightdress

Feel the butterfly within yourself. You are a beautiful creature that spreads your love for the great things in life. Take a spiritual flight in these pajamas and nightdress.

Butterflies Sleepwear – Cotton Poplin – Pajamas & Nightdress

Road Trip Decoratated Sleepwear

Every woman needs a night out with the girls.  It’s a mini vacation from life’s stresses and a chance to socialize with friends.  But a few hours just doesn’t seem enough these days.  Meeting at the local diner or enjoying a movie is nice, but taking it to the next level by means of an overnight or short trip can give you a whole new perspective on life.

Somehow even a short excursion can do wonders.  You’ll come back refreshed and re-energized.  The experience of an overnight stay or road trip will be an adventure cherished for years.  The Road Trip sleepwear collection is just the perfect thing to get into the mood for a little fun with the girls.  The adorable nightdress or the short set can also do double duty as active-wear during the day.  So pack up your Road Trip gear and head for the highway.  Adventure is right around the corner.


Road Trip Decorated Sleepwear

Polar Bear Decorated Sleepwear

Ursus Maritumus – have you heard of it? Of course you have, it’s another name for Polar Bear.  These magnificent creatures live in the Arctic and they can get big and powerful. Males can grow to 1500 pounds!  These creatures are also capable of swimming 100 miles. Polar Bears are sometimes joined by Arctic Foxes who love to feed off the food scraps left behind by the bears. Arctic Foxes are from the fox family but have adapted to the cold temperatures of the Arctic. These amazing animals have the correct proportion of body weight to size to stay warm. Now you can enjoy the arctic eco-system with this Polar Bear and Arctic Fox decorated sleepwear.

Snowmen Decorated Sleepwear

This Mr. Snowman is undertaking the adventure of his life. His job is to make every little girl happy, but he knows he only has so much time to fulfill his quest before he melts away.  He also knows that he must leave all the little girls in his territory with a life time of happy memories.  Memories like having fun building a snowman with their parents, siblings, or friends.   Not just any memories though.  These memories must spark excitement every time the child sees a snow flake fall from the sky.  That sounds like a difficult assignment with lots of pressure, but don’t despair, because he never fails and he always returns next year!  No wonder Mr. Snowman is always smiling!

Now experience the fun with Mr. Snowman Decorated Sleepwear.

Holiday Tree Lot Decorated Sleepwear and Robe

For many, the experience of searching for the right Christmas tree is a family tradition.  Is it tall enough or is it too tall?  Is it full or are there branches broken or too skimpy?  Everyone has a different opinion until finally all agree when they find the perfect tree.  This sleepwear represents the time shared in preparation for the season.  When we find the perfect tree, we lovingly cut the evergreen at the base and then fasten it onto the top of the car for its journey home.  The ride home is filled with a mix of excitement about what fun it’ll be decorating the tree and a bit of uneasy anticipation over setting up the tree, untangling lights, and preventing broken ornament mishaps.  It’s a ritual that instills the Christmas spirit and calls for all to enjoy a cup of hot chocolate while admiring their newly decorated tree.

Enjoy the Feeling: Holiday Tree Lot Decorated Sleepwear and Robe

Ski Trip Sleepwear & Robe

If you’re a skier then you can relate to the feeling of an exhilarating run down a majestic mountain of pristine snow. There is nothing quite like it with the cold crisp wind in your face and gentle swooshing sound of your skis maneuvering throw the white powder.  It’s an activity that clears your mind and makes you appreciate the wonders of nature as you soak in the panoramic view of the landscape around you. Even skiers who are not so proficient at it seem to enjoy the challenge of making their way down the mountain.  We’ve captured a day at the ski resort in this collection of flannel sleepwear and robe.  It’s almost assured that you’ll dreaming sweet dreams of amazing skiing feats and good times and will be ready for another run in the morning.

Ski Trip Sleepwear & Robe

Chairs Sleepwear – Flannel Nightshirt – Flannel Pant PJ Set

What is it about chairs that makes us immediately claim possession?  Practically from the time we are born we’re automatically assigned a seat at the dinner table and it is our seat until we leave home.  Whether we claim a chair at the dinner table or a favorite recliner in the livingroom, it is an understood rule that no one else is allowed to sit there without our permission. Remember Archie Bunker from the sitcom “All in the Family” and his favorite chair?  If Edith or Meathead tried to sit in Archie’s chair, Archie would yell, “Get out of my chair!” Archie is the perfect example of how the minute someone decides to sit in another person’s chair, it causes extreme anxiety and upsets the natuaral balance of things. We suppose it is just one of those curious oddities of human nature.  After all, there are few things that we can control in the course of our lives.  Controlling who sits in our chair seems to be an unwavering right.

This sleepwear honors our favorite chairs and our curious need to safeguard them from intruders.  Which is your favorite?

Chairs Sleepwear – Flannel Nightshirt – Flannel Pant PJ Set

Phones Pajama Set – Babydoll Nighties – Cami with Pant Set

Gone are the days when a girl had limited access to the telephone.  What girl could live without her cell phone today?  Today’s girl stays in touch with her friends via text messaging.  In the old days, teenagers would sometimes have to ask permission to use the family land line phone to “dial up” their friends.  And even then, their time on the phone was usually not very private and restricted to a certain length of time so as not to run up the phone bill.   Teenagers were envied if they had a princess telephone in their bedroom – a true luxury. “It’s little…It’s lovely…It lights” – this was the marketing slogan used to sell the popular phone. Now you can live those nostalgic times with this sleepwear available as:

Poplin Classic PJ Set w/Full Length Pant – Made from lightweight poplin, this set is trimmed with contrast piping. Notch collar and edge trim give this full length drawstring pant and top a tried and true classic feel.

Poplin Babydoll Nightie – Poplin babydoll style gown, embellished with telephones reflecting the progression of telephone design and appearance.

Cotton/Modal/Spandex Shelf Bra Cami & Poplin Cropped Pant Set

Phones Pajama Set – Babydoll Nighties – Cami with Pant Set